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Sieradenmeisje: our story

Over Sieradenmeisje - Veel vintage ringen om vingers

Gold is gold

Sieradenmeisje, Jewellery Girl, would like to introduce you to the beauty of vintage jewellery. Not just because of their beauty: choosing to reuse also shows brains. Contributing to circularity and sustainability is our primary goal. We prepare our preloved jewellery for a new life with you. We do this by carefully selecting, checking, repairing, cleaning and polishing. Which beauty do you give a new loving home?

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Our team

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And our amazing freelancers, such as a goldsmith, photographer and IT specialist.

From hobby to Sieradenmeisje

Something pretty

Did you know the Dutch word for a piece of jewellery is sieraad? It is derived from the old German Zierrat and the even older Zierot. Zier can be translated as 'pretty'. The suffix -ot makes it a noun. So sieraad literally means something pretty.

What is a sieradenmeisje, a jewellery girl? A girl who likes pretty things? Or a girl who has pretty things? I like to believe it's the first. Resulting into the second.

At least, that's my story. I've always liked to surround myself with beautiful things. Things that immediately stir something in you the moment you lay eyes on them. To me, gemstones is one of those things. When I was eight, I subscribed to 'Treasures of the Earth'. It was a kind of collector's subscription in which you received a mineral and a gemstone every two weeks. With compartmentalized treasure chests to store them and leaflets about the gemstones. To this day I am completely obsessed with their colours, structures and special features.

"Treasures of the Earth" no longer exists. Perhaps because nowadays we care more about sustainability and ethics than before. How are minerals and crystals actually extracted? What does this do to our environment, our planet? And what about the welfare and working conditions of miners? Some important questions that could be quite difficult to answer. Imagine trying to find out how and where that beautiful ring on your finger is made and where the materials actually come from. Luckily, there are more and more good initiatives in this area.

Sieradenmeisje goes a step beyond, because we focus on reusing gold and jewellery. There are lots of high quality pieces available, made of solid gold and other durable precious metals. With the most beautiful coloured stones and diamonds. Why should we manufacture masses of 'disposable' jewellery, when so much beauty is already made? Gold is already being reused on an increasingly large scale by melting it down and turning it into new items. Which is great. We really need to take a step back in our consumerism. But if remelting seems unnecessary, simply because the piece is wonderful and in good or repairable condition, we are happy to breathe new life into it. After all, antique and vintage gold jewellery has everything you could wish for: it is beautiful and will remain beautiful. Unlike for example gold plated or gold filled jewellery. Moreover, gold is a smart investment. In the unlikely event that you no longer like to wear your piece, you will be able to sell it. Or pass it on to loved ones.

I am not the only 'sieradenmeisje' who likes pretty things. You are probably looking for a a pretty ring too. One that makes your heart skip a beat. Because of the unique model, the striking color or the dazzling sparkle of a diamond. That is why I take a lot of time to track down magnificent rings within the relatively affordable jewellery segment. I'm aware tastes differ, so I'm always trying my best to keep the collection varied. But I can ensure you I love all the pieces we offer at Sieradenmeisje. I hope you'll love them too!

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